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Podracka, Dana, was born in 1954 in Banska Stiavnica. After graduating at the local gymnasium she continued her studies at Comenius University, majoring in psychology. She worked then at the Psychological Institute and as an editor at Slovensky spisovatel publishing house. In 1991 she joined the staff of the literary weekly Literarny tyzdennik where she now works as a deputy chief editor. Podracka lives in Bratislava. Poetry: The Moon Lover (Mesacna milenka, 1981), Winter Guests (Zimni hostia, 1984), The Rubicon (Rubikon, 1988), Grizzly in the Sleeping House (Grizzly v spiacom dome, 1991), Scripture (Pismo, 1993), Sin (Hriech, 1996), Name (Meno, 1999), Big Game (Vysoka zver, 2001), Dungeons (Kazematy, 2004), Persona and Morpheus – Diptych (Persona a Morfeus – diptych, 2007), Dome – author?s selection (Kupola, autorky vyber, 2008). Essays: Mythology of Privacy (Mytologia sukromia, 1994), Paradiso, Conversations with Vladimar Minac (Paradiso, Rozhovory s Vladimirom Minacom, 1998), Essential Encounter (Bytostne stretnutie, 2000), The Tongues from a Dragon. The Mythology of Slovakian Fairy Tales. (Jazyky z draka. Mytologia slovenskych rozpravok, 2002), Mrs. Cogito. The Myth of Holism. (Pani Cogito. Mytus o celistvosti, 2005), Zielpunkt. The Myth of Faithfulness. (Zielpunkt. Mytus o vernosti, 2005), Hysteria Siberiana (Hysteria Siberiana, 2009). Children’s books: Owl’s Mountain (Sovia hora, 1984), The Stocking-Telephone (Pancuskovy telefon, 1987), Don’t Forget the Good Fairy (Nezabudni na vilu, 1991), The Impatient First-Grader (Nedockavy prvak, 1998). Awards: Ivan Krasko Prize (1981) for the best debut of the year Witold Hulewicz Prize (2004).
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