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Nikola Strajnić was born on 11th May in 1945 in Popovac (Baranja, Croatia). He finished literature and philosophy at the University of Zagreb, where he gained his M.A. and PhD. He studies world and Serbian poetry. He has published about 30 books of essays, studies, poetry: Poetry or optimism (a study on Branko Miljković), 1972; Star hours (poems) 1975;White aspens (a study on Momčilo Nastasijević) 1978; Earthly eyes (poems) 1981; I am giving away my ashes (poems) 1982; Vision and word (studies) 1984; Driving in a circle (poems) 1990; Haire (essays) 1991; Swing and standstill (essays on poetry of Jovan Zivlak) 1993; Poems, 1993; Over (a study on Novalis’Hymns to the night) 1993; Poems of Karlovci, 1994; Angel poet Rainer Maria Rilke (on Duino elegies) 1995; Old Greek lyric poets (essays) 1999; Essays of Karlovci, 1999; Heart of a bee (poems) 2000; Milić od Mačve (monograph) 2001; On the feast at God’s (studies) 2002; Three dialogues, 2002; Blue breath of forest (selected poems) 2004; Art as audience (dialogues), 2004; Experiments from classic literature 2004; Approaching the ethereally (essays), 2006; In condensed form (studies and essays) 2006; Visible and invisible (essays on poetry of Jovan Zivlak) 2007; Forest house (poems) 2007.
He is the professor of world and comparative literature on the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad.
He lives in Sremski Karlovci.

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