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Serge Pey was born in 1950 in Toulouse. He is an artist, visual poet, poetry philosopher, one of the most unusual representatives of the artaction movement.
He writes his texts on sticks or tomato stakes and realizes ritual installations of poems.Writer, teacher, oral improviser, between Toulouse and Mexico, Serge Pey is also the founder of the Direct Poetry Festival, and of the reviews Tribu and Emeute. In 1997, invited at the Dokumenta in Kassel, he called for a world walk of poetry. His poetry practice induced him to get to the root of possession and dispossession phenomenon in the oral poetry. He teaches contemporary poetry at the Centre for artistic initiatives at the University of Toulouse – Le Mirail.
He has published more than fifteen books, including Notre Dame la Noire ou l’Evangile du Serpent, Poemes pour un peuple mort, L’enfant archeologue, La mere du cercle, etc.
His works have been translated into many languages and broadcast on Radio Francaise – France Culture (Nierika Ou Les Memoires Du Cinquieme Soleil, Tauromagie, Copla infinie pour les hommes-taureaux du dimanche).
Many contemporary artists and musicians joined him at his performances (Andre Minvielle, Juan Jimenez, Vincent Pradal, Bernard Lubat).

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