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Alpar Lošonc (Losoncz Alpar) was born in 1958 in Temerin. He is professor at the University of Novi Sad, where he teaches in the Department of Social Sciences in the Faculty of Technical Sciences; he has also taught in the Arts Faculty in Szeged (Hungary) since 1991. For a long time, he also taught in the Arts Faculty at Novi Sad. He writes theoretical articles, philosophical criticism, and essays on literature.
He has been published in many magazines in Serbia and abroad. He was a member of the editorial board of Uj Symposion, Polja, Letunk, and other magazines, and chief editor of the magazine Habitus. He is currently one of the editors of Zlatna Greda, and of other magazines.
The following is a selected list of his works: Hianyvonatkozasok: tarsadalomfilozofiai temak (Forms of Shortcoming, Forum, Novi Sad 1988), Az emlekezes hermeneutikaja (The Hermeneutics of Memory, Forum, Novi Sad, 1998), Moderna na Kolonu (Modernity on Colonus, Stubovi culture, Beograd, 1998), Europa-dimenziok (European Dimensions, Forum, Novi Sad, 2002), Suffitientia ecologica (Stylos, Novi Sad, 2005), Suverenitet, moć i kriza (Sovereignty, Power and Crisis, Svetovi, Novi Sad, 2006).
He has received theWriters Association of Vojvodina’s Ištvan Konc (Koncz Istvan) award.

He lives in Temerin.

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