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Janos Banyai was born in 1939 in Subotica. He graduated Hungarian language and literature from the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, where he had his doctoral degree in 1974.

While he was a student, he was an editor in Index magazine (1958–1963), and he was also an editor in Polja magazine (1962–1965) and Hid magazine (1962–1963). He was an editor-in-chief of Uj Symposion (1967–69) and Hid (1976–84). He is a professor of Hungarian literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. He published his first novella in 1956 in Ifjusag magazine. He published a collection of short stories and a novel Surlodas, but above all, he is an essayist and critic mostly interested in contemporary Hungarian and Serbian literature.

His books include Bonyolult oromok (Novi Sad, Forum, l964), A szo fegyelme (Novi Sad, Forum, l973), Konyv es kritika (Novi Sad, Forum, 1973), Konyv es kritika, II (Novi Sad, Forum, 1977), B. Szabo Gyorgy (Novi Sad, Forum, 1978), Talan igy. Konyv es kritika, III, (Novi Sad, Forum, l995), Kisebbsegi magyarora. (Novi Sad, Forum, l996), Hagyomanytores. (Novi Sad, Forum, 1998), Mit viszunk magunkkal? (Novi Sad, 2000), Egyre kevesebb talan (Novi Sad, 2003).

He is an honorary member of Academy for art and literature MAN Budapest, a board member of Nemzetkozi Magyarsagtudomanyi Tarsasag (International Association of Hungarian Studies) Budapest and Magyar Nyelv es Kultura Nemzetkozi Tarsasaga – Anyanyelvi konferencia, Budapest.

He won DKV Life Achievement Award in 2005, Critics’ Choice Award for the best book in 1972, Szenteleky Korne Prize in 1975, Hid Prize in 1995, 1998, 2001, 2004, Komlos Aladar Prize in 2000 and Nemes Nagy Agnes Prize in 2001

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