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Ljubomir Levchev was born in 1935 in Troyan, Bulgaria.
He finished Faculty of Philosophy and History at the University of Sofia. He was the editor and editor in chief of the magazine Literary front (1961–1971), the first deputy Minister of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture (1975–1979), the chairman of the Union of Bulgarian writers (1979–1989). Since 1991 he has been the editor and owner of the publishing house and international magazine Orpheus (Orfej). He appeared in 1950s as a poet of modern culture and sensitivity with the book The stars are mine. During the five decades of his literary work he has published more than 30 books of poetry. He also published two novels Kill a Bulgarian and You are the next in 1988. His selected work was published in Bulgarian in seven volumes in 2008. 70 of his books have been translated and published into 34 countries. He has won the most significant awards in Bulgaria, public accolades in the field of culture and recognitions of the state and awards for contribution to popularisation of Bulgarian culture and literature.
Levchev is the member of European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Humanities (Paris); founder member of European Academy of Poetry (Luxembourg); member of International house of poetry in Brussels; member of International Literature fund (Moscow); honorary member of Casa Nacional de poesia, Lima. He is the winner of numerous prestigious Bulgarian and international awards, including: the Gold Medal for Poetry of the French Academy and the title Knight of Poetry (1985), the Grand Prize of the Alexander Pushkin Institute and the Sorbonne (1989), and theWorld Award of Mystic Poetry Fernando Rielo (1993), Golden wreath of Struga poetry evenings (2010) and International Award for poetry Novi Sad, 2010.
He lives and works in Sofia.

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